Duo Class

Our duo classes offer an innovative solution for Public Servants eager to practice their answers to the SLE oral test.

Students are paired up by two and they work together under the supervision of an experimented teacher toward the same objective: passing the oral part fo the Second Language Evaluation for Government of Canada's Public Servants.  

Duo classes are designed by levels : preparation for Oral B or Oral C

What you can expect

  1. The teacher provides questions from the SLE oral test and gives alternately the roles of Performer or Listener to each student.

  2. The Performer gives their best answer to the question.

  3. The Listener is actively listening and provides detailed feedback using a precise scorecard we provide.

  4. The teacher guides the session, validates or adjusts the feedback given by the Listener. The teacher also acts as a moderator and encourages students to help each others. The teacher will give students time to co-build together their own personal answers, taking the best of both performances. 

  5. Once both students have performed and listened to the same question, and after they got feedback on their answer, the teacher gives student a second chance to perform their answer. This second turn gives students a chance to immediately integrate the feedback they received, which is the best paved way progress.

  6. Once a round is completed, the teacher introduces another question, and another cycle starts.

Expect to be covering 3-5 questions during these 2 hours sessions. 

Why it's good for your French

- plenty of opportunities to practice and better your answers,

- gain familiarity with the format and the questions of the test.

- opportunities to hear someone else make the same mistakes you do, which will enhance your ability to correct yours! It will help you understand of how much clarity, cohesion and cohesiveness are needed in your answers.

A bonus is that it allows students to share some tools and advices. It also brings some camaraderie for students who might feel a bit isolated and alone in their learning process. 


- for now, Duo classes are only available for students who already passed the B level of the SLE and wish to prepare for the C level. Duo classes for students preparing the B level are coming soon (stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter!)

- duo classes are available as drop-in for $60 or with a monthly membership for $200. Register below. Read our membership policy here.

If you don't know which duo class suits you better:

Drop in 

- $60 for a 2 hour session,

- no commitment,

- easy booking up to two hours prior the beginning of the session,

no reimbursement for no-shows

Monthly membership

$200 for a full access to duo classes

- limited to the quantity of classes offered over the week during lunch and after work.

-first come first serve.

- 3 days free trial