All you can B

Practice your French in a relaxed and friendly environment: our activity-oriented workshops are designed to build your confidence up.


No more awkward discussion groups or stuck in an artificial classrooms: this workshop puts you in a little French immersion field trip, every week!

1. Order your coffee in French, discover the latest exhibit in French, shop in French, walk in French, cook in French...

2. Develop confidencespontaneity and fluidity.

3. Imagine all you can B when you’ll get your B level thanks to this awesome French flow you have !



More info:

Tuesdays or Thursdays

4pm - 6:30pm / 6:30pm - 8pm

(usual hours, we're happy to set up another group)

Groups are limited at 4 participants each.

Contracts are made for one month : 4x1.5hours.