All you can B

Practice your French in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Our activity-oriented workshops are designed to build your confidence up.


No more awkward discussion groups, stuck in artificial classrooms: this workshop puts you on a French immersion field trip, every week!

Imagine "All you can B" when you’ll get your B level thanks to this awesome French fluidity you have gained! 

More info:

For "almost B" and "just B" students.

After work hours - Wednesdays.

4 x 1.5 hour

$200/month (Sign up to our newsletter below and catch our Early Bird coupon, every month, up to 30% OFF!).

Groups are limited to 4 participants each. 

New Students ?

A 20 -30 minutes phone call to assess your French level and ensure the cohesiveness of our groups.

It is free...but it is mandatory.

Returning Student ?



You can now register yourself directly on our website for your Conversation workshops.