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One-on-one tutoring

Tailored to your needs, your objective, your logistics, your learning style!

Benefit from a team of experienced teachers dedicated to you and only you.

Our team is made of experts who achieved, at minimum, a Master's degree -or equivalent, in specific fields related to teaching French as a Second Language to non-native adult speakers.

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Our methods provide some much needed common sense to teaching French, because we know our students need to truly understand the language they are trying to learn. We believe it is easier to speak when you understand how it works!

Thanks to our good understanding of how French education is provided in Canada, in Ontario, and specially in Ottawa, we are able to debunk lots of myths about the french language and learning process, delivering an efficient and refreshing outlook on the language.

Some of our mantras are:

"It's not that French doesn't make sense, it's simply thats it's not well explained"

"If French was really too difficult to learn, it would be a dead language by now"

"If there are too many exceptions to one rule, it must be the rule that is wrong"


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What to expect?

Because French is a very grammatical language, most students need a brush up on grammar. Don't worry: it's been created with novices in mind. We made it efficient, not scary and full of metaphors to help your brain visualize the grammar.

You can also expect a step-by-step progression, fixing what needs to be fixed first. Once the base is solid, we can build up your French: your learning plan is made for you by your dedicated teacher, or by the class coordinator is you have multiple teachers (more than 6 hours / week of training). This individual learning plan, based on our general curriculum, is very adaptable to each student's case and is key to them develop some long-lasting French communication skills

In each class, you will have a lesson giving you access to a new language tool. You will be explained how it works, how to use it, how to situate it in the language. You will then manipulate it in written exercices, before practising orally based on real-life communication needs and situations.

Between classes, you will have homework to help your brain retain what have been covered in class.

Please review our contracting good practices and cancelation policy if you are interested in our services.

 $55-60 / hour

Let's get started !


Beginning January 1st 2023, our general price per hour is: 

- Corporate students (training is paid by employer) : flat fee of $60 per hour of training,

- Non-corporate students (= students are paying their training themselves) : flat fee of $55 per hour of training,

for classes happening:

- from Monday to Friday,

- extra fee of $15/hour for classes happening during weekends (going directly towards the teacher's remuneration).


At Fais-le en français - Do it in French, we are convinced that a great classes rely on excellent teachers who are treated well.

An important part of treating teachers well is to remunerate them fairly. This is why their remuneration average 70% of what clients pays.

Want to learn more about our excellent teachers ? Meet our team!

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