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General Greetings

1. Training Program: our philosophy 


At Fais-le en français – Do it in French, we believe that a teacher's job is not only to break down the complexity of French language into manageable bites and to deliver knowledge in engaging ways, but also to explain to students how to manage their learning process.

This is a process that requires time and consistent efforts from both student and teacher, but thanks to a comprehensive approach of the language, innovative teaching skills based on psychology of learning, the one-on-one class format we use at Fais-le en  français – Do it in French allows for a precise diagnostic of student’s needs.  

Indeed, focusing on one student at a time allows us to develop the best strategy for them, according to their own knowledge acquisition style and memorization process: It is more efficient this way.  


But, because we know that one-on-one training can sometimes feel lonely and because we believe that learning with pairs is valuable when well designed, we came up with some innovative solutions:


-our duo classes can pair students by two, as long as they share the same level and the same objective. These classes are designed toward the preparation of questions for the Oral B/C of the SLE for Public Servant: in each session, students take turns and perform their answer to specific questions stemming from the Oral B/C test. 

The goal is for the student who performs to get feedback from the other student and from the teacher, while it gives the student who listens an opportunity to hear someone else making the same mistakes they do, which will then enhance their ability to correct themselves. They take turns at every question, which means both students will perform and listen multiple times during the same session.

A bonus of this class is that it allows for students to share some tools and advice on how to get ready for the SLE, under the supervision of a teacher who will validate or not their intuition.

It also brings some camaraderie for students who might feel a bit isolated if their training is only made of one-on-one classes.


-our conversation workshops are designed as weekly field trips during which participants, forming a homogenous group of 4 and guided by a FSL teacher, put their French into practice: a coffee shop, a grocery store, a theater, a trivia night…Every occasion is a good occasion to build confidence in French! 

This is an excellent long-term innovative solution for students willing to keep their French fluency after they pass a test. I also can bring some motivation to students who might think grammar lessons and test preparation to be a bit dry. 

As we believe motivated and engaged students are more efficients learners, we make sure  to highlight the reasons behind every exercise and every lesson, explaining how to use the language and how to learn it.  

We acknowledge learning a new language is challenging on both an intellectual and  emotional level, which is why we are proud to offer individual support to our students.  

Our work doesn’t end when class stops! We want to make sure students have the appropriate  tools and mindset to do their homework and to memorize and process everything that was  covered in class. That’s why we keep the communication always open. 


2. Why us? 


With our one-on-one training format, we are able to understand how each student learns.  Understanding what their learning process is and how to overcome obstacles they  might face during their training is a true advantage of the relationship we build with our students.  We are with them at every step of the way and that is why our pace of language acquisition  training is faster than traditional schools where students need to follow a pre-established  and set in stone curriculum and progression.  

Because students thrive in a stable environment and because we know how important a good student-teacher relationship is for the student’s learning process, Fais-le en français – Do it in  French guarantees that students will always have the same teacher during their training.  

* For training exceeding 5 hours a week, experience has shown the advantage of relying on  different teachers to keep the relationship balanced and student’s motivation high. Fais-le en  français – Do it in French ensures the transition between teachers to be efficient and fluid enough  so that it only enriches student’s training and experience.  


All our teachers are professional teachers : they have achieved a master’s degree (or equivalent of 5 years of Post-secondary education) in the specific field of teaching French as a second language and have at least 5 years of experience in this field.  

Fais-le en français aims to develop as a collective of teachers, where teachers bring their specific talents and area of expertise to participate in the great progress of our students. 

We believe that a good school is made of excellent teachers who are treated well. 

Treating them well means, for us, that teachers are under no obligation to accept classes on days and hours that don’t suit them ; that there is a supplement on weekends ; and that we guarantee their remuneration to reach an average of 70% of the hourly rate students pay, based on our one-on-one full time fee. This is only fair to them.

Thanks to our knowledge of the language and of efficient pedagogical approaches, and because  we have been putting it in practice every day, we are able to offer efficient explanations to our  students: explanations that provide grammar rules, irregular conjugations and complex structures some much-needed common sense.  

Fais-le en français – Do it in French will provide all the material (lesson, exercises and practice  test) to students. No need to buy an extra book, no hidden fees, no extra cost. 

Another goal of ours is to give our students access to all the great resources that are free of use  and are already waiting for us online, so they can reach a certain level of autonomy. We believe empowering students is key to them developing and maintaining their communication skills. 

You can find more information about our teachers on our website, where  you can also read some testimonials from our students. 


3. Price and quote 


At Fais-le en français – Do it in French, we understand French training is an investment in an employee from the employer’s point of view. 

We know it requires flexibility and good will from our side to provide student with the most convenient logistic solutions, so they can learn in what is the best environment for them: it needs  to be sustainable in the long run, impactful enough to progress every week, and it is imperative for the training plan to fit nicely in their life. 

This is why we want to stay in open communication at all times with our clients, both employee and employer: we understand that situations can change suddenly, and work can get brutally busy.

Be assured that we are ready to come up with creative solutions to face any challenging  time in our student’s work life. 

We strongly value what students and clients have to say about how they want  to organize their training, and why we like to offer options in our quotes. Please note that duration of the training highly depends on the logistical approach chosen, since we establish our quotes based on the goal to achieve for students.

Please refer to the quote(s) provided by email for a detailed pricing of this training

4. Payment

For our corporate clients, Fais-le en Français - Do it in French will happily provide any information necessary to be added to the Vendor list of the Client’s organization, in order to facilitate payments. This is our preferred way of payment as it is coming with no fees.


Please note that online payment with a credit card is also an option. If this is your preferred method of payment, please be aware that a fee due to the online payment platform will be charged to the client: 3% of the total cost of the training.


For our overseas students, payments via international transfer institutions ( Western Union, Paypal, others of your choice) are accepted: clients will be charged for the fees of said institutions : an average of 3% of the total cost of the training.

5. Cancellation policy:

Please visit our website for our cancellation policy.


Thanks to the test strategies we developed, the care we put in each training,

- and the hard work of our students, of course,

we have achieved a very high success rate in student passing the SLE on their first attempt : 

Above 95% for the written and oral parts of the SLE for B level !

Above 90% for the written parts of the SLE for C level !

Oral C in oral is a labor of love and care, 

Be sure we are with our students at every step of the way.


Fais-le en français – Do it in French is proud to develop a relationship based on respect, integrity and open communication with their client. For any further questions, comments or inquiries please reach the class coordinator at, or visit the rest of our website.

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