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Get ready for SLE

You did some training. You gained some French knowledge. Your written tests are getting set up or maybe you already have a date...Now is the time to get ready for SLE !

This format is not designed for students who are looking to enrich their French, we have our Learn section for that. This is for students in need of a quick and efficient way to get this situation under control, for those willing to crack the code of the tests.

-> Become a machine at passing the written test!

What to expect

PART ONE/ Ideally, we would have time to set up three classes of two hours each: two hours is the length needed to explain how the tests work, what to look for in the questions, how to process the answers, how to go fast and how to manage your own doubts.

We need a minimum of three times because your brain will resist the method on the first attempt, will acquire it by the second, and by the third time you should be able to use our method with more ease.

PART TWO/ The rest of the training is hybrid: a combination of face-to-face 45 minutes class and guided self-study time in which your teacher gives you series of questions from the official training tests. You apply our method to answer: no need to use precious face-to-face time for that now that you know how to process the questions. Communicate your results to your teacher and plan your next appointment: they will use your mistakes to build your next face-to-face lesson and will bring a precise solution, a needed clarification or a handy trick to fix it.

Set up flexible weekly or biweekly check-ins with your teacher and watch yourself becoming a machine!

Price :

For PART ONE: 6 hours of initial one-on-one training to our method = $360. 

For PART TWO: Each following session (check-ins) with a teacher is $60. We recommend a minimum of 6 appointments (4.5hours) in order to track your progress. 

$630 total. 

For students in a rush

You have less than two weeks to get ready ? This is what we call an emergency and will do our best to accommodate you with a training plan and teachers within 48 hours.

But, because it requires a lot of flexibility and extra work from our part to make some space in our calendars for you, there is an extra fee for treating your file. This emergency fee is $150. 

Please note that some of our teachers accept to work on weekends, charging  a supplement of $15/hour going directly to the teacher in charge of the classes scheduled during weekends.

Contact us to set up a contract at your earliest convenience.

Please notify us if you already know the date of your tests. 

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