C how good you are

Congratulations !

You got your B level ! All your hard work has finally paid off!


Now, wouldn't be a shame to sit on it and forget everything just because you don't use it ?

Maybe you're thinking ahead and want to lay the foundation for the C level ?

Come practice your French in a relaxed and friendly environment: our activity-oriented workshops are designed to build your confidence up and keep your French high!


No more awkward discussion groups or stuck in an artificial classrooms: this workshop puts you directly in French immersion field trip, every week!


1. Order your coffee in French, discover the latest exhibit in French, shop in French, walk in French, cook in French...

2. Develop confidence, spontaneity and fluidity...and keep it!

3. C how good you are using all this French you've learnt!



More info:

Tuesdays or Thursdays,

5pm - 6:30pm / 6:30pm - 8pm

(usual hours but we will happily develop other hours on demand)

Groups are limited at 4 participants each.

Contracts are made for one month : 4x1.5hours. 


On Thursdays, we typically go to museums to enjoy the Free Nocturne visits, and sometimes to the movies !


Get your contract, email us!