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The Hatching Club

Start interacting in French in a kind and stimulating environnement.


Guided by a professional French as a second language teacher, you will:


- discover authentic conversations through cards and games, and engage in some role play with your partners, preparing and rehearsing your first conversations in French : DISCOVERY AND REHEARSAL (on Day 1)


- use what have been covered on Monday to order your first latte in French, register to the library...: REAL LIFE PRACTICE! (on Day 2)


If you think you have some French in you but you are not able to speak in real life, this workshop is for you!


Requirements for this level: you are mid-A level.

You already know about (but you don't master):

- asking questions

- passé-composé and imparfait

- futur proche and futur simple

- pronoms compléments la / le / lui /leur



More info:

For mid-A students

Groups are limited to 4 participants each.

2 x 1h / semaine: Monday and Wednesday 4pm-5pm.

$140 - $200/month (Sign up to our newsletter below and catch our Early Bird coupon, every month, up to 30% OFF!).

Join the Hatching Club = your first conversation group!


Already a more experimented student ? Check out our other workshops: All you can B (B) and C how good you are (C)

New Students?

A 15 minutes video call to assess your French level and ensure the cohesiveness of our groups.


-> select initial chat - Conversation workshop


It is free...but it is mandatory.

Returning Student?



You can now register yourself directly on our website for your Conversation workshops.

-> select the right workshop and the right month 

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The Hatching Club

The Hatching Club

The Hatching Club

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