All you can B

For students who are almost B or just passed their B level.

C how good you are

For more confident speakers or aiming towards their C level.

What you get

  • groups of 4 participants maximum with a homogeneous level of French.

  • weekly 1.5 hour session, hosted by a French teacher.

  • get outside of the classroom and practice real-life French skills.

What we believe in

  • Practice makes perfect if curated by an FSL teacher. Not all practices are equal.

  • To progress you need:

- a safe environment

- engaging discussions to keep you motivated

- real-life situations to make it authentic

- the support of same-level teammates

Not sure what your level is?

Wondering what would be the best group for you?

Order your latte in French, talk to your Uber driver in French, comment on a friend post in French, a quick chit-chat in the elevator in French, set up your social media in French, discuss feminism in French, read an article in French, eat in French, send a quick email in French,  your presentation in French, greet your neighbours in French, listen to a podcast in French, watch Youtube videos in French, yoga class in French, read your horoscope in French, greet your guests in French, visit a museum in French, order a drink in French, set up your GPS in French, rent a Kayak in French, order pizza in French, talk in French when picking up your kid at daycare, play your favorite game in French

shop in French, send your New-year cards in French, find some cooking inspiration in French,  binge on Netflix in French, repaire your bike in French, swipe right in French, exercice in French, watch the news in French, write a thank you card in French, journal  in French, register to the public library in French, set up Alexa in Frenchbuy this cute Ikea lamp in French, ask your crush out in French, rent a cottage in French, prevent global warming in French, greet your commissionnaires in French, Skype your grandma in French, join a French-speaking hiking group, taste wine in French, write a love-note in French, DIY in French, join a French-speaking sport team, Google account in French, laugh in French, try new recipes in French, trivia in French,Karaoke in French,...

And learn how to...