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What we believe in

A good practice is one that:

- keeps you engaged

- stimulates and cheers you up making you want to come back regularly,

challenges you enough, leaving you to feel empowered at the end of each session.


Practice makes perfect, but not all practice are equal.

The facilitator's skills, personality and capacity to create and host curated activities for your group is key. 

They are either qualified and professional teachers with a Master degree specialized in teaching French as a second language to adults, or a French facilitator who has been trained to navigate the special needs of French learners in our Ottawa Region.

​To progress you need:

- a safe and kind environment,

- engaging discussions to keep you motivated,

- real-life situations to make it authentic,

- the support of same-level teammates,

- regularity in your practice

What we offer

Various conversation workshops, all offered in person, in small groups and organized:

- per level: The Hatching Club, All you can B and C how good you are

- per interest: The Book Club, The Social Catch up

+ a WhatsApp group: each group has its own and the only language used is French. Here you go: your adult size real life pen-pals!


You can :

- choose to attend any of the workshops you'd like, as long as your level of French agrees,

book directly online or on our mobile app,

- mix your workshops! E.g: you're a regular C how good you are? Why not trying a Social Catch up or a Book Club?

- bring a francophone +1 in Social Catch up to start merging your French with your regular life!

- book each session separately, with a package, or with a membership


The Hatching Club

mid-A level

Your first French conversations!

How cute!

How scared!

How proud!

We help you put your sentences together in a safe and kind environnement, allowing you to use your French in real life.

We're even making it fun!

All you can B

around B level

For almost B and rusty B.


Just B students who want to maintain their level are welcome too !

Imagine "All you can B" when you'll level up to your B level thanks to this awesome French fluidity you will have gained.

We make it fun for you.

C how good you are

around C level

For high B, almost C and rusty C.

The worst of French is behind you, but you still need to gain confidence, make the right choices and develop fluidity.

We know the struggle and offer to make French fun a couple of time a week!

You deserve it.

The Book Club

B+ & C levels

First time, or avid French book reader? 

Deep dive into fresh and engaging materials, refine your understanding of abstract concepts, and get ready to talk about it!

Week 1: you read

Week 2: we meet!

The Social Catch up

B & C levels

Feel like going a bit extra occasionally?

Join this group of 6 in a French adventure, once or twice a month: trivia night, museum, movie in the park, concerts, art show...You're living it!

Bonus! Bring a francophone +1 and bound with them in French... or come alone: we're fun!

Did you know?!

You can mix conversation workshops (with a package, membership or even in drop-in), as long as it agrees with your level :

Here is what is available to you if you are:

around level C

C how good you are + The Book Club + The Social Catch Up

a good level B / a confident B

All you can B + The Book Club + The Social Catch up 

a low level B / an anxious speaker

All you can B + The Hatching Club + The Book Club if you want a bit of a challenge and if you have good reading comprehension skills

a level A

 The Hatching Club 

Requirements for each workshop are detailed in the description of each workshop (click on "read more") on each vignette. 

Not sure what your level is?

Wondering what would be the best group for you?

-> Book an initial chat for 15 minutes to assess your level !

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