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Memberships are for those who understand how important it is to flex their French muscle regularly! 

Our first memberships have been specially designed with Public Servants in mind: the Duo Class memberships!

To pass the oral part of the SLE, regularity is essential: it gives your brain multiple chances to make mistakes and correct them,  building precision and good habits.

Just like your body gets stronger and more agile after each training session at the gym, your French will become more precise: a tool you can fully trust! 

You have a gym membership for your body, it is time to get a membership for your French!

Duo Class Hebdo: 4 classes / month costs $200 with our Duo Class Hebdo membership (it is $33/hour, $50/class) ;

Duo Class Expert: 8 classes / month costs $350 with our Duo Class Expert membership (it is $29/hour, $44/class) ;

Duo Class All Star: 20 classes/month (this is a class every workday) costs $800 with our Duo Class All-Stars (it is $26/hour, $40/class). 

All memberships are based on a 30 days automatic renewal. 

You can access our memberships policy here.