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Full time

6 hours of training a day, 5 days a week...Seems a lot ?! IT IS a lot !


Forget the traditional monotonous and spiritless face-to-face with the same teachers for 30 hours a week and try it our way:

What to expect everyday:



3 hours of one-on-one class: 

- Time to study the questions, understand what is expected of you and what the examinators will look for in your answers.

- Learn how to identify different types of questions and build different structures accordingly: descriptive, comparative, narrative, the hypothesis, of course!

- Think about your answers, helped by a trained teacher who will help you develop rich ideas, examples and stories

- Get precise feedback on every questions, and tips to make them better.

We like to mix things up to keep it interesting !

- you can have a mix of 3 hours blocs, or 2x1.5 hours depending on your preferences and teachers' availability.

- you will benefit from the experience of 3-5 teachers each weeks: they are all highly trained and will bring you each their best! Mixing up the teachers also mean everyone will stay engaged : you and them !


Don't worry we have a great team coordination : thanks to your student file that we all share, teachers will easily see what has been covered in the last classes + we are all following an organized training plan: this battle plan is engineered by the class coordinator at the beginning of each training. It ensures you are covering everything you need to succeed : grammar lessons in need of a freshening, exploration of helpful structures for the answers, planification of the SLE questions per weekly themes. 



1.5 hour of guided self-study: 

What is the issue ? Building precision ? Developing long sentences ? Memorization ? Confidence ? Understanding what the question is about ? Developing ideas ? Expressing opinions ?

Have a a coordinator on speed dial who will have special answers and curated exercices for your needs.


1.5 hour of Duo Class:

Time to practice your answers in our popular Duo Classes!

Everyday you get to :

- polish your answers and get feedback from a specially training teacher and your partner of the day,

- develop an understanding of what is expected from the test by giving guided feedback to your partner

- take the good parts of you partner's answers, 

- notice the issues in your partner's answers to reflect on your own. get a bit of a much needed sens of camaraderie in an uplifting format. 


Who thought Oral C preparation could sound so fun ?! 




Pricing and contracting:

One week of our full-time option costs $1500, no taxes to be added, for 30 hours of training per week ($50/h).

This format has been designed with students who are preparing the Oral C (SLE) in mind: students should already have a good understanding of the grammar required for this level (conditionnel, hypothesis, subjonctive, pronouns) even if they don't fully master it, as teachers will be able to refresh the knowledge in the morning classes. 

We recommend that students take a between 4 to 6 weeks at minimum to be able to cover all the themes efficiently but we know we sometimes need to adopt a faster pace. We believe that longer trainings are always a better option for the student's comfort.

We recommend that students who need to fully explore grammatical notions required for this level would take some part time one-on-one classes before they start their full-time training.

Please visit our easy-to-read Contracting and cancelation policy  and our General Greetings pages to know more and answer questions you might still have.

  • You need your contract to start ASAP ?

While we understand you are probably rushed into your training because you have been scheduled earlier than expected for a test, there will be an emergency fee for treating your request.

If you need your training to start within two weeks of our initial chat, we reserve the right to charge $150 as an emergency fee to manage your request, as it requires us to work extra hours on the evenings and during the weekends to be able to fit your training in our calendars.

  • You need your contract to be shorter than a month (less than 4 weeks of training) ?

Full time trainings require a lot of logistics from our part to guarantee you will have a beneficial coordination of diverse teachers and learning experiences. It has been calibrated for being a 6-8 weeks program.

While understand the importance of being flexible to adapt to external logistics factors, reworking our training program format for full time training to fit your specific needs requires us to work extra hard and extra time.   

With this in mind, we reserve the right to charge $150 as a remodeling fee to manage your request.

Book an initial chat at your earliest convenience.


- notify us if you already know the date of your tests,

- be aware of our cancelation policy and best contracting practices.

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