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Memberships Policy

Cancellation and refund policy for Duo Classes:

  • Price and payment

Since February 2022, we offer three monthly memberships:

- 4 classes / month costs $200 with our Duo Class Hebdo membership (it is $33/hour, $50/class) ;

- 8 classes / month costs $350 with our Duo Class Expert membership (it is $29/hour, $44/class) ;

- 20 classes/month (this is a class every workday) costs $800 with our Duo Class All-Stars (it is $26/hour, $40/class). 

All memberships are based on a 30 days automatic renewal. 

  • How to cancel my membership?

To cancel your Duo Class membership, you can log in your member area and follow these steps :

  1. Click your member profile at the top of the site.

  2. Click My Subscriptions in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the More Actions arrow  next to your plan.

  4. Click Cancel Subscription.

  5. Click Yes, Cancel to confirm. 


Or write an email directly. Your membership will be cancelled within 24 hours (from Monday to Friday) and the payment will be stopped on this day. 

  • How to cancel my participation in a Duo Class?

We require a 48 hours notice for cancelling your participation in a Duo Class. If cancellation is made within less of 48 hours, it is considered a no-show. 

You can cancel and reschedule a booked Duo Class directly on our mobile app or from your member area on our website:

1. Make sure you are logged in, using the login bar on the top right corner of the page.

2. Click on the arrow to access the menu and select "My bookings".

You will see all the classes you have booked. Click on "cancel" to cancel your participation in the class of your choice.

You can also, as always, contact us directly.

Since having two participants is essential for the proper running of a Duo Class, when a client registers for a Duo Class it is with the intention to participate in it. Indeed, when a participant cancels last minute or doesn't come to class, it prevents the other participant to take advantage of the full format of the Duo Class.

It also prevents other students to benefit from it. 

Please book classes you know you can attend. 


  • Consequences of not attending a Duo Class you booked:

There will be no refund of any kind for a participant not attending a class they had registered in. 


Fais-le en français - Do it in French reserves the right to cancel any Duo Class booked by a student who would cumulate more than one no-show a month. Membership will not be cancelled and the client will need to re-book the Duo Classes they were interested in. 

If a client needs to cancel their participation in Duo Classes for several days in a row, in reaction to a dramatic personal event or a health problem, they need to contact us directly.

  • What if I am the only participant in the class?

If only one participant is available, we will adapt the 1.5h Duo class into a 1h of one-on-one training* for the present participant. Depending on the solo-participant's level of readiness for the exam, we will offer to turn the class into a mock exam (35-40 minutes) with detailed feedback for the rest of the hour.

*This does not apply to students who are engaged into a Full Time training, nor to our corporate students whose training is paid by their employer, as we know how important it is to honour our contract with their employers. 

Full Time students and Corporate students will keep 1.5h of one-on-one class except they express otherwise.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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