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The Social Catch up

Practice your French outside of the classroom in a casual, friendly environnement and in real life settings.


Need a casual playdate with French? To shake things a bit?

Ready to mingle in French but need the security of the group and a kind teacher to hold your hand?

-> All perfectly good reasons to register for a session in The Social Catch up!


We will go out on:

- Trivia Nights on Tuesdays!

- Museums ; Patios on Thursdays!


10 participants max - Lead by a French as second language teacher

+ 1 WhatsApp group to keep in touch during the week


Bring a +1! Francophone friends, partners and family members are joining us for free, as long as they agree to only speak French the entire time! 

REQUIREMENTS: B + or C level.

You are pretty good at:

-all the temps you've learnt

-asking questions

-playing with different negations

-comparing, telling stories

-les pronoms compléments

-les pronoms relatifs 

-using opinions and hypothesis prompts

It's ok if you are still struggling a bit with:

-le subjonctif

-le conditionnel

-too many difficulties in one setting.

More info:

-lower price: starts at $8/session

-more participants (up to 10) 

-interest based : Trivia nights (Tuesdays) ; Museums&Patio nights (Thursdays)

Accessible with drop-ins, packages and memberships

Join us and Catch up with French!

New Students?

A 15 minutes video call to assess your French level and ensure the cohesiveness of our groups.

Returning Student?

You can now register by yourself directly on our website for your Conversation workshops.

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