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March in French

Our brand-new seasonal extra-curriculum activity presents:

  • a serie of manageable challenges to practice your French,

  • from home,

  • in an authentic discussion setting,

  • helping you crossing the bridge between written and oral interactions,

  • that you can easily integrate into your daily routines.

How ?
  • First, let's put to use the time you spend on social media !

As it anchors your French practice into your daily activities, and since we are all

about building good habits in French, we consider it as a good start !

Doing so, we are also giving you access to a community where French shall be the only language in use.



  • Then, we put ourselves back in our student's shoes!

And we remembered how helpful communicating via messages and comments was for us when we were ourselves learning a new language.

Indeed, commenting and messaging are a true intermediate step between writing and talking. This is what linguists and socio-linguists specialists call digital discursive practices, and, as we guessed, it is much closer to oral practices than written ones. 

Our pedagogical take on it is to take advantage of the online factor to make participants more comfortable in day to day interactions:

- not facing directly your discussion partner relieves you from the stress of having to provide immediate-perfectly accurate and brilliant answers.

- commenting and messaging allow you a reasonable delay in the interaction to deepen your vocabulary, choose between lui or leur, or to quickly check if your hypothèse is well built.

 The plan !

Every week, we will share with you a challenge on our social media page.           Examples: getting to a French bakery/restaurant while drawing a French word in the itinerary, describing an inspiring place in your neighbourhood with decadent words... The idea is to explore new facets of the language, while making your daily environment a bit more French.                                                                                                 

  1. Time for you to fulfil the mission of the week and post your result in the comments !                                                                        

  2. Engage with other participants via these posts: ask them questions, congratulate them, help each other out ! A teacher will be here to moderate the activity.


- Every challenge targets a language point, offering an opportunity to practice it.       

- Every challenge will build up your French towards the final challenge : creating your own short balado in which you describe your neighbourhood and explore the trendy idea of what can be a 20 minutes city

The entire activity lasts for 8 weeks. We estimate challenges to take between 30 minutes to an hour per week.


March in French will start the first week of March (yes, pun intended).

To participate, make sure to join us on our Facebook page so you won't miss any challenges!

 -> The best part(s) ? Well ...

  • participation is free!                                                                                                                                                          

  • all students from all levels are welcome ! This is the beauty of online activities: adaptable and customizable. Remember, a teacher will be here to help beginners while challenging the more advanced participants.              

  • we will choose our favourite outcome of every challenge and reward it with a discount! With all the weekly discounts, you can cumulate up to -20% applicable on your next contract!  

Questions ? Contact us.

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