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Manon Adville, M.A

Folk dance

World trip & serendipity

= best job of my life!

I’m happy to say that I have the best job I could dream of…but if someone would have told me that I was to become a teacher, I wouldn’t have believed it! 


The 25 year-old me had everything to be happy: a great job, a comfortable life to share with a kind partner in a city I fell in love with: Marseilles!

But this predictable life was getting a bit I packed my bag and my curiosity, and made the jump into my dream of traveling around the world: I took the Trans Siberian from Moscow to the Baïkal Lake, drank yak milk in a yurt in Mongolia, celebrated my friend’s wedding in Seoul. 

Along the way, I started to teach French in a small language center in Australia...and I got hooked!

Teaching this first class was the most unforgettable experience of all!

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