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Researching and Writing

The hard work!


Experimented and specialized teachers will focus on you and only you: your needs, your goal, your class.

- Ground-breaking student-focused method that demystifies grammar

- Practice in every class

- Understand how to learn

Step by step, and enjoy the walk!


Friends Party

The fun work!

Enjoy what Ottawa and the area have to offer in French!

- Progress in authentic settings

- Make friends

- Discover local gems

- Enjoy casual conversations

- Grow confidence 

Practice makes perfect

...or at least, better!


Professional Woman_edited_edited.jpg

The strategic work!

Special preparation for passing the SLE

- Fool-proof strategies for the reading and grammar tests

- Special preparation for the questions of the Oral test

- Emergency package & full time option

Real urgent? 

Contact us directly

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