Membership for everyone !

  • Conversation groups

    Come and practice French in real life settings
    Valid for one month
    • 4x 1.5 hours
    • 4 participants max + a teacher
    • C how good you are

Fais-le en français is based on memberships : it is a gym membership* for your French !

Choose the best option for you :

  • 1 month is perfect to discover,

  • 2 months to explore all of our options

  • 4 months to really commit to your French : lots of practice or opportunities to fix your French

*Our memberships are not automatically renewed : when it expires, you are free to take another one or not, so you sign up for what you really want, when you want it

Automatic payment is set up every month for the membership lasting longer than 1 month. It will stop at the end of your membership.

Modules are a 2-hour "deep dive" session designed for everyone who has an intermediate or advanced level of French and could benefit from quick fixes on  specific points of the language : think precise surgery to improve your French ! (Schedule and topics to be announced soon). 

You are not a beginner anymore but get a headache every time you hear grammaire ? Come to the module, we'll make it easy for you ! (Module groups will not exceed 6 persons at a time).

Activities are a group social activity (1-2 hours) designed for everyone who has an intermediate or advanced level of French and needs to practise regularly.  You are not a beginner anymore, your grammar is globally on point but can't speak ? Take a look at our activities here