- Rachel, 

intermediate student in private tutoring

"She is kind, personable, professional and very fun.

She's able to cater to your specific needs and objectives and makes the learning enjoyable, not intimidating.

I highly recommend her, you won't regret it! "

      Lauriane is by far the best french teacher I've ever had! 


At Fais-le en français, we believe learning should be a fun, fulfilling and rewarding activity of every day’s life

We believe motivation is essential. 

And we know motivation is a combination of: 

- tangible and continuous progress,

- vibrant understanding of the subject and method,

 - a good teacher-learner relationship.

We think of the teacher-learner relationship as well-balanced, honest and benevolent mutual commitment


We believe that a teacher's job is to :

 1. break down the complexity of French into manageable bites, 

 2. deliver them in an engaging way,

3. explain students how to digest these bites

4. make sure they sallow it during the class

- Ahlam, 

beginner student in a group class

"She presents her lessons in an organized manner, building onto what you have learned with each lesson.

She manages the classroom very well, effectively addressing each student’s needs.

She is also sure to make the lessons fun and engaging, which makes the challenge of learning a new language a bit easier.”

Lauriane is an excellent teacher

Learning a language is not like learning anything else : it's not an external object you can simply memorize. 

Because languages carry ideas, emotions, beliefs and a sens of self, learning them becomes a wholesome process.

So, if you want fluency in a second language, you need to develop yourself, your opinions, your ideas, your feelings in this second language as you did growing up in your mother tongue. 

Indeed, to learn a language, you have to not only master the grammar, know the vocabulary and speak with a decent accent, but you also have to make it yours:

it is more than simply learning French, it is about becoming a francophone!

Our job, at Fais-le en français, is to help you in the process.

learning another language