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December 2021

We are once again facing this question regarding opening or closing the conversation groups because of the Covid situation. 


We are in the midst of the mist (see what I did here?) and no one can really tell how the situation will evolve in January with this new variant, the vaccination campaign for the third dose, and the building up of fear about the whole situation.


I decided that the conversation groups will be paused until things get a bit more under control regarding Omicron. 

I am hoping to be able to reopen them in February, which will give everyone time to hopefully get a third dose of the vaccine, if required by Public Health authorities in order to meet inside bars and restaurants. 

On a last note, and because I don't like letting you out of options for practicing your French, I can recommend that you'd participate in our duo classes, where students are paired by level and can practice their answers to the SLE questions under the supervision of a teacher. 

This is very much a format that has been designed with the Public Servants in mind, as it prepares them for the French test they have to pass. For those who are not familiar with it, we'll use French to talk a lot about work. 

This would be the closest version of a "conversation group" that we will offer in January. 

Duo classes are available as a drop-in or with a monthly membership

To make it convenient for your, you can book as many sessions as you want as they are available at different hours during the day. 

You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about the reopening of conversation groups as well as recommendation for things to do, watch, listen to in French. We will send emails sparingly, we promise. 

Wishing you to stay safe and to be able to enjoy some warm Holiday gathering with your close ones,

Lauriane and all our fantastic team of teachers

Hello wonderful students,

October 2021

As things are starting to look good again, we are very VERY happy to reopen some of our activities in real life !


We can finally reunite and enjoy each other's company during our well-loved conversation workshops: "All you can B" and "C how good you are".

We have been trying out a couple of options over the last few months, with different formulas and here is what we feel comfortable offering you:

meetings in regular groups of 4, happening in public spaces where we can actually sit together and enjoy a warm coffee, play games, practice French, learn jokes and finally catch up! 

Workshops happens inside local bars and coffeeshops, places that will require participants to show proof of vaccination and ID, as per Ontario legislation.

 Register online

  • Current students can ask their teachers some recommendations on which group to join according to their level,

  • New students -and returning students that we haven't seen for over 4 months, are asked to book a free appointment with us before booking a seat in one of the groups.

Just like lot of small local businesses in town, we made the choice to increase our general participation fee to help us bounce back.

We understand this might be a surprise to you, but stay close on our social media and register to our email subscriptions list to catch regular EARLY BIRD or SEASONAL coupons. 

Dearest students,

February 2021

That's why we would love to try something new, with you!

Collaborating with project-based enthusiastic teachers, it has been possible to develop a new and exciting extra-curriculum activity: March in French!

Feeding our philosophy with the latest research on digital discourses practices and taking advantage of the time we spend in front of our screens, March in French aims to providing you with a safe space to engage in French with a community of peers and teachers, while, at the same time, encourage you to discover your city's French potential.

You will have engaging challenges to complete, and the possibility to win rewards at every step of this seasonal project, which will lead to the creation of a short balado of your own.

This is for all levels, all students.

If you'd like to know more about this project and sign up for it: visit the March in French page.

We miss you and are hoping to meet with you again in person soon, 

Stay healthy,

Lauriane, Maude & Fais-le en français' Team.


What a year it has been!


To meet your needs for online one-on-one tutoring, we have expanded our team of teacher-collaborators and we can't wait to resume our workshops and classes together.

Practicing French in social settings -which remains at the core of our philosophy- is unfortunately not available as we continue to follow public health advice.

We will only resume our well-loved "All you can B" and "C how good you are" workshops only when safe to do so. 

We are still thoroughly convinced that the best way to practice French is to put students in real French situations. 

We also know that, for most students, the perspective of jumping into yet another Zoom/Team meeting at the end of the day to practise your French in an artificial group setting, to be -to say the least- not very enticing. 

Dear students,

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