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Initial chat - 15 minutes

15 minutes assessment for Conversation groups and Duo Classes


You can mix conversation workshops (with a package, membership or even in drop-in), as long as it agrees with your level :

Here is what is available to you if you are:

around level C

C how good you are + The Book Club + The Social Catch Up

a good level B / a confident B

All you can B + The Book Club + The Social Catch up 

a low level B / an anxious speaker

All you can B + The Hatching Club + The Book Club if you want a bit of a challenge and if you have good reading comprehension skills

a level A

 The Hatching Club 

Requirements for each workshop are detailed in the description of each workshop (click on "read more") on each vignette. 

Not sure what level is right for you? Book an initial chat -15 minutes!

Feel free to consult our Membership Policy, Cancelation Policy and General Greetings pages to get a better sense of how we work!

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